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Everyone made jokes, no one really thought it was going happen... not for real, but it did. The zombie apocalypse really came. It's been 25 years, nearly a lifetime these days. As the old died off, and the youth take the positions of leadership, the chaos began to subside, and a new form of government, politics, economy, and day to day life all begin to take new shape.
Centralized leadership is of course completely destroyed, but for the most part the individual groups mind their own business. The truly small towns of just a few dozen miles across have been all but cleaned out of the infested, and little more than a regular watch has been put in place to insure safety from a mass zombie migration, or while more rare, but much more dangerous, a human raid. If you're going to find people who remember what the world was like before the out break, you'll often find them here. Anyone who has to worry about blowing a knee has to live in a place where running is kept to a minimum.
Larger towns (50 to 100 miles across) often have different offerings. Often more dangerous as the infected are still rampant, they trade that risk for increased supplies and more migratory options. Trade between towns is made simple enough between larger and smaller towns, although its all become a barter system, often ammo canned food and gasoline is traded for livestock, fresh grains, and/or fruits/vegetables. Unlike the smaller communities, many of these towns are populated by people who were born into this world, they're young, impulsive, and this is all they know, but they're fast, strong, and witty.
Anything too much larger is all but abandoned and left to the dead. Anyone hearty enough and smart enough to survive a high rise apartment building filled with hungry walking corpses well deserves everything they manage to stockpile to keep themselves alive under such brutal situations.
Smaller towns are often as smaller town are, in the people all keep close and together, different factions taking up residence in one small town isn't unheard of, but it is quite rare and often doesn't last long. The larger locations on the other hand can have many factions, not all of them tend to see eye to eye when if comes to borders and boundaries.
Lompoc is a good example of said situation. The Cebada Canyon area is a fairly classic example of a small town community where the neighbors were already familiar with each other, and friendships and bonds were quite easy to develop into a reliance and trust that only an apocalypse could bring. Likewise, the city of Lompoc is a similarly a good example of a larger but still habitable town. There are multiple groups all moving around fairly regularly.
What the Lompoc area has that other areas don't, was Vandenberg. While the base itself was self destructed in a desperate but successful attempt to wipe out the massive Santa Maria migration of 2022, many of the personal and scientists escaped. The military soldiers found themselves playing police in the town of Lompoc for a few years, but as they were the best armed, they were also the biggest targets. As they were being killed and raided, they slowly integrated into miscellaneous factions across the town. Most of them have died at this point, but a few have managed to survive and are still out and about.
The scientists on the other hand took as much of their research and equipment as they could, loaded it up in hatch backs or SUV's and found refuge at the Bak Ranch. The rest of Cebada Canyon decided to stand behind them (at distance mind you, they are still handling infected tissue and other dangerous chemicals and equipment) and their work, who knows, maybe one day it will be fruitful. The scientists live in constant fear however that one day the older folks, who remember what life used to be like, will all be dead, and the younger local government won't continue to supply them food and protection they need to continue their research, but that day hasn't come yet.

An odd number of flags are needed to play, five at the fewest. One yellow, one blue, and the rest red. At the base of the red flags, there needs to be a blue and yellow strip of cloth used to identify which team is in control of the flag. The flags need to be set up a few hundred feet apart from each other, in terrain that provides as little advantage to either team as possible.

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