Scenario informations
Category Future Wars
Subcategory Post-Apocalyptic
Length 30 minutes
Players 31
Year 2088
Place the Mojave desert
Ground Mixed
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Creation date November 11, 2012
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Language English
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After the United States dissolved in 2036, the states that had once made it up became sovereign countries or broke down further. The California Republic became the first superpower on the west coast in 2068, and has entered a cold war with Utah, which is rapidly growing to become California's only threat to it's national security. Utah has annexed the city-state of Las vegas, which has become an economic crossroads of the old southwest, and is looking to expand into the Mojave fr growing room. After border skirmishes at the Mojave valley, the Army and Air Force of Utah invaded the Californian controlled Mojave desert, but have been largely held back, only making it 25 miles into the republic. A group of commandos from the army of Utah came across a convoy transporting a colonel from one firebase to another and attacked it, effectively reducing the number of Californian soldiers in half. The remaining soldiers have hunkered down and radioed for support, which is fueling up at Fort Irwin and will arrive in 30 minutes. If the commandos cannot capture the colonel in those 30 minutes and hold him for 5, Cobra gunships will arrive with an entire company's worth of reinforcements and capture the Utahan forces.

If the Californians can hold out, they will be able to capture the Utahan commandos and interrogate them. The information that could be gained could give the Californians the edge to end the war and take Las Vegas. It could even give them the push to take the capitol of Utah, Salt Lake City, and eliminate the only threat in the region.

If the Utahan Commandos capture the colonel, the information that he has could give The Utahans the edge to take the Mojave and the city of Barstow. From there it's only a few pushes and Los Angeles, the most densely populated city in the California Republic will be in the sights of the Army of Utah.

Regardless of the outcome of this firefight, the California Republic has learned to step up it's security on convoys, only traveling by helicopter with at least one platoon of security forces.


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