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Category Modern Warfare
Length 30 minutes
Players 16
Ground Mixed
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Creation date December 30, 2012
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Language English
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The game has 2 teams. Each team has an EMP Device (A time consuming to open box with lights that can be turned on/off once finally opened) located somewhere in the playing field. (Preferably near the center of the field but away from each other) Once a teams EMP is activated by the other team, that team cannot respawn until the EMP is deactivated. If players get out while the EMP is activated, they cannot play until the next round. The point of the game is to eliminate the other team.


vipairsoftaz How would the teams and refs know which EMP was activated?

2 years ago

MabelMabel If your teams EMP is activated you lose? I'm confused. Sounds cool though

4 years ago

Stunner Wheres Lawrence?

6 years ago

qblackfoxp Michigan

6 years ago

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