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Category Future Wars
Length 1 days
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 20, 2013
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Set in a country tired or its populace rebelling the rulers decided to make the worst of them fight each other in an arena to the death! only one can survive! (think battle royal, hunger games, death race gladiatorial styled death games etc)
ideally you'd want approx 20 people (preferably wearing what they were in before they were wearing before the games began, they wer'nt expecting to be thrown into a battlefield situation) Next up is the field itself. a mix of terrain is desired, but do what you can with what ya have. your field boundary's are the edge, you go outside of it and you die! (leave that to your marshal to point out)
also if you want to prevent camping you can divide the playing field into a grid system(using whatever method you see working be it plastic poles signs etc) and every so often have a shifting section that if anyone is in or enters they will auto die(represented in the movies by explosive collars, assassins etc, again just use a marshal to shoot them, have the dead zone announced by loud speaker)
the most interesting part is the weaponry, you are not walking on with your own most prised weapon(im afraid to tell you) what happens is a random collection of weapons are divided up and bagged up and handed out so no-one knows what they have until they are in game! be it shotgun, springer pistols aks grenades knives etc. ideally the bags will be balanced so everyone at least has a chance (such as a heavy having a limited amount of ammo or a pair of springer pistols, batch of grenades etc. you may also collect ammo and weapons off the downed players if you want the game to stretch out or not is you want a few runs through. depends on how much time you want to take up. if its taking too long you can start increasing the deadzones to force players into increasingly smaller zones...

Source Battle royal movies, gladiator, death race, scifi


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