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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Zombie Horror
Length 30 minutes
Year 2011
Place My backyard
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date June 29, 2011
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Comments 5
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Language English
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Keywords: Zombie, Death, Fun, Amazing

This is more of a fun game to have in a big backyard just for fun. Basically there is one person the human with a spring pistol (preferably a high ammo one) and a knife. The player must kill the zombie. The zombie has one life the first round and once they are shot they must go back to their "base" a set location before the game. Now it becomes round 2 and the zombie now can get shot once and keep running at you until shot a 2nd time. Keep in mind the zombie has no weapon. So the first levels are easy until you reach level about 5 where you most likely have to run away and shoot at them. Keep in mind these are not lives the zombie doesn't have to go and tag the base each time. Eventually the player will die or run out of ammo in which case the knife will be used (this knife is rubber or plastic) (the spring pistols should not be over 250 fps). I used a 20$ walmart pistol that could hold 200 rounds it can also go electric but i took out the double aa's. Any questions email me at jonathancalvete@aol.com and make sure to check out our youtube page!

Source JRCairsoft


hulmeman Yeah, sounds sweet, this will also work with more people, but if the zombie is hit then it is dead until next round.

7 years ago

Ninja Kickass game!

7 years ago

Juice Man, I really see where this could be alot of fun. We have been trying to figure out a zombie game for a while now. I am excited about seeing how it works. Even in the discussions we have had so far we have talked about doing a zombie raffel so everybody throws in a $1 and we draw a ouple of names depending on the amount players playing. Awesome!


7 years ago
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