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Category Quick Games
Length 15 minutes
Players 10
Ground Indoor
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Creation date August 25, 2013
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One in the chamber game mode is for smaller game areas maybe CQB fields.


The point of the game is every player is aloud to fire only one shot. If they hit another player they get another shot, but if he misses he cannot shoot until he get a "knife kill" or a "surrender".

There can be team play or free for all. There can be respawns, limited or unlimited however it works with the amount of players.

But this is only works well on small fields like CQB where people run around trying to best other players with knife kills. Tried it last time playing and it was hilarious. This works well at the end of the day when maybe everybody is tired and not so serious anymore.

There is of course the gentleman rule to the one shot rule so honesty is a must. If people start cheating it will ruin the game very fast.

But as I said a fun mode for not so serious game!

Please try it out and comment how it goes!


BTW I think this is from a video game originally.


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