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Ground Woods
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A spokesman from AWS Inc. promises a reward of one billion $ to the person/ team who is able to deliver their lost HARM ( High Altitude Radar Missile). The system, actually a smal hand-held missile able to radar scout large areas and attack anything. An ACME employee said: “You don't want to get in HARMs way...)

H.A.R.M was lost in Langtvekkistan during transportation between two off Acmes secret research stations. Acme intel knows the system has been captured by the local militia, who will not negotiate. Use of force will be necessary. PMCs are wanted. Be advised: Acme will not hire Punks, but only professionally soldiers who has the skill and guts to do the job. Acme may be contacted via satlink to set up a meeting.

ACME agents has located the HARM. Satellites are directed to the area and pictures of the terrain are soon to be released. An ACME spokesman says the fee is now raised to 2 billion $

The Millits do not have the weapon, but it is in their area. No wonder they did not negotiate. ACME sent a spotting plane to the area when we got this information. It was shot down. The HARM was located, and the coordinates stored in its flight computer. The milits has found the plane and are trying to make a deal. To late. The mission will go as planed.


You have to look at the terrain in the game area and rescript so it works.

Read this:

You will need too make a model of the HARM.

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