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Length 10 minutes
Players 10
Ground Indoor
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Creation date September 13, 2013
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Keywords: cqc, cqb, back, alley, fun, fast

This is a fun little game! Not for the hardcore milsim players out there, but if you got a small indoor CQC field then this is for you! Split up into 3-4 teams with 3-4 players each, decide on starting/re-spawn points at the corners of the field. Game starts when everybody is ready.

Now all teams run in to the field and start picking the other teams off, if you get hit you go to the next teams starting location in a clockwise (or counterclockwise if you feel like it) order and wait for the whole team to relocate there. When the all team members are there you re-spawn as a team and start again. Do this for 10-30 minutes depending on the field size or amount players.

Like the name for this game mode this is just that, CHAOS with capital letters. You have to be on your toes at all times because there can be enemy players coming from any place and camping is out of the question. You cannot get stuck in one place because there will be players re-spawning soon behind you!

Like I said before this is a fun mode not to be taken serious and appropriate for smaller fields. Of course you can modify it to suite bigger fields but this I how I am familiar with this game mode.

So please try it out, and give feedback if you got any!

This game mode was in this way created by the moderators and good guys at "the back alley cqc".
And if you live in Finland visit them at www.backalleycqc.com to join us for a game of chaos!

Source thebackalleycqc.com


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