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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Treasure Hunts
Length 20 minutes
Players 20
Ground Mixed
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Creation date September 16, 2013
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Language English
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Keywords: Skull, Hunt, Zed, Adventures

A game which involves two teams battling it out for a series of skulls which are in possession of the defending team. The attacking team slowly increases in numbers whilst the defending team diminishes. The defending team must hold as many skulls as possible until the end of the game time limit.


There are two teams in this game. The first team is a team of six who are chosen as attackers who have an infinite number of lives. The other team will contain the rest of the players which will have one life which when lost will have to change sides to the attacking team.

Now the objective of the attacking team is to capture all the skulls (approximately 1 to every 10 players) and place them in a backpack. The skulls can only be held by one skull carrier and only that skull carrier alone. Only the attacking team can capture skulls however they would not score a point until the skull is in the backpack. The backpack starts in the possession of an attacking player however can be captures by either team. The attacking team must keep possession of the backpack however if the carrier is shot, they must drop the bag and go to respawn.

The defending team wins unless the attacking team either capture all the skulls or eliminates all defending players.


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