Scenario informations
Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 8 hours
Players 11
Year 2011
Place TBD
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date June 30, 2011
Views 55120
Comments 1
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Language English
Confidentiality Public




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On the second installation of the fund raising operations for "A Wish Come True", the North East Airsoft Group, ShadowNET, and other members of the northeast community get together and continue the fight from the first fundraiser: "Operation Orphan's Cry".


Alexandra Kerins.

Her name is one that most recognize after the events that lead an entire nation to reconsider how they deal with homeland terrorists. The sole surviving orphan from the Fremont RPC Child Care orphanage attack. The day thousands died and thousands more were saved thanks to the cure locked inside her blood. A cure found too late to save her friends.

Ten Years later, she's built a name for herself, not just as the only survivor of the attack, but an outspoken and firm believer in the fight against homeland terrorists such as the "Eagle's Fallen" group who attacked the orphanage, and were the cause of sporadic attacks on other key landmarks and civil protection agencies throughout the country.

Now that they're being hunted down, Eagle's Fallen is getting desperate. They plan on coordinating several attacks at the same time. Intel of this however, has been leaked to government officials and to Alexandra's privatized paramilitary group. A countermeasure is being put in place at the most damaging location, and security is being heightened, as Alexandra's team prepares for a preemptive strike against the terrorist group.


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