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Length 15 minutes
Players 20
Ground Woods
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Pollock Pines is a small town in the California Sierra Nevada Foothills, approximately 2,500 ft elevation. The games are held at a church utilizing approx. 10 acres of hill woodland area divided by a wide walking path. The Pollock Pines games are held every two weeks for a total of just around four hours. The atmosphere is very family friendly and the folks that come out are from all walks of life and varying degrees of Airsoft experience from children, first timers to highly experienced operators. The games are organized by a former U.S. Army soldier.


The Games on this date had many new to Airsoft and experienced operators. The scenarios varied and were challenging. Parts of the woodland grounds are very thick with underbrush so movement was difficult at times. We both played semi-auto and full auto scenarios throughout the afternoon. In this Operators personal opinion the teams that were chosen by the two youngest players were very lopsided in overall strength which made the afternoon very challenging even for this seasoned operator. We had issues will the noobs not taking there hits even after clearly being taken down with a full auto blast from the opposing team. I will chalk this up to two things, one is not knowing the rules of engagement of Airsoft or two they just didn't care about the rules of honor.
On a high note the opposing team would have to send out 4 to 5 man hit squads out to surround and kill this operator.

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