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Length 30 minutes
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 01, 2011
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Keywords: AC130, Air, raid, air, strike

This is a two team game that involves a tower in the center. You are collecting points by collecting blocks, bricks, ammo boxes, flags, or anything else you can use as grab and go items. There will be a gunner in the tower for each team that rains fire from above like a gun ship.


Each team starts on oposing sides of the field . Each team has one guy in the tower in the center. there are blocks or whatever you are using for points al around the base of the tower. At game start the guys in the tower go through one full highcap as if they were a gunship flying above. The guys in the tower can not be killed. Each team is trying to collect as many points as possible in the time limit or until the score limit is reached. Each player can only carry two items at a time. After the tower empties the first highcap the teams have to wait 5 minutes to call another airstrike. At that point in time the team mate in the tower stands up and empties another highcap magazine. Only one team can call an airstrike at a time and they have to wait 5 minutes between airstrikes.

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