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Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 6 hours
Players 20
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 01, 2011
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This is the mini MILSIM event you were all promised. The details for this event are:
Two neighboring nations are having strained relations. They have mobilized their troops to the border between the two nations. The border will be fortified to defend against an attack from either side. As relations break down the border will become more and more hostile.

Each side must protect their side of the border to prevent an invasion. Each... team must also collect intelligence on the other team's assets in preparation for a possible invasion. The commander will be responsible to protect their border as well as conduct special reconnaissance missions and possibly direct action missions in preparation for an invasion.
Special note any player caught behind enemy lines can be captured by the enemy, they will be brought to a detention center until they can be rescued or exchanged in a prisoner exchange. Please note if captured you will be out of the game for a max of 15 minutes, usually less time

Source Jawbreaker


JimDiGriz123 this looks like a good scenario, I would like to try and adapt a copy for the site I work for =)

3 years ago

Matt_Bailey What does any of this mean??? Without details of what's expected of a "Special Reconnaissance" mission, they're just going to be wandering around. Is there something that needs to be picked up and brought back?? Is it something that needs to be seen and reported on?? How is the capital set up?? What is the "Air Defense Center"?? How do you win?? Common man, help me out here.

7 years ago

airsoftSEAL6 damn...this would have been awesome...i wish my M4 wasn't broken

7 years ago
jawbreaker LIE

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