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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Zombie Horror
Length 5 hours
Players 70
Year 2013
Place The Woodlands, TX
Ground Woods
General Informations
Creation date November 29, 2013
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Language English
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Game based on The Last of Us video game. Game was held on 11/16/13 in The Woodlands TX.


Game based on The Last of Us video game. The object was for the Survivors (civilian clothes) and Fireflies (military uniforms) to protect Joel and Ellie, the games protagonists. The Bandits (black clothing) goal was the capture of Joel and Ellie. We had severe ammo and magazine restrictions along with health restrictions to make the game more survival horror themed. We also had a player be "The Bloater", a monster from the game. The entire OP went well and was very popular.

Photos show the 3 teams, plus the Bloater costume, with ketchp packets added for blood effect, and Fireflies with armbands.

Each player was allowed 3 mid cap magazines. Extra ammo was placed in speed loaders, which were inside empty real steel ammo boxes scattered about the field. Health, in the form of "first aid kits" was also scattered around the field in envelopes marked with a red cross. There were also 3 locked boxes with a lot of health and ammo inside. The keys were hidden and attached to props like a plastic severed arm and other items. Teams had to find the box, then find the numbered key to open the box.

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