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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Capture the flag
Length 30 minutes
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 02, 2011
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Extracting a target that is very loud and draws alot of attention.


You set up two teams on either end of the field and in the center somewhere you set a radio of some kind preferably with a cd of a screaming child or person in it. The teams have to fight their way to the radio and then turn it on. Then it takes two people to carry the radio back to their base. If one gets shot the other has to drop with the target and hopefully keep it safe till another player can pick the radio back up and carry it back to base.


silentstalker sounds really fun dude. Imma have to try it

6 years ago

Axel This is going to be insanely difficult to play, to tell the truth, ratio should be like 65++% for Escort and 35++% of players for Ambush.

7 years ago

Anonymous Good start

7 years ago

Juice Axel, where is the difficulty in the game? It is two teams fighting for a target to extract.

7 years ago

Axel OW, sry I was a little bit too tired yesterday to get it :P

7 years ago

Axel I thought that teams are pre-set

7 years ago
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