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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Capture the flag
Length 5 minutes
Players 4
Ground Mixed
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Creation date January 08, 2014
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Language English
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A quick game for two teams.


Two teams start at opposite ends of the playing area. Each team has its own base. In the middle of the field is the flag. The objective is to take to flag to your base. Every player has 1-hit respawn: after being hit once, the player returns to his/her base and resumes playing; this may happen an infinite number of times. If a player is hit while carrying the flag, the flag is left where the player was hit. The objective of the game is to capture the flag, not necessarily to shoot players. Once the flag has reached a base, that team wins.

Quick game
Easy setup
Not complicated

Difficult to get even sides: one side may be closer or have better cover
Can be too quick


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