One-Flag Capture: Full Assault

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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Capture the flag
Length 10 minutes
Players 4
Ground Mixed
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Creation date January 08, 2014
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Language English
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A longer, grittier, dirtier version of One-Flag Capture.


Two teams with their base on opposite sides on the playing area. At least 10 yards in front of each base is the finish line for flag captures. In the middle of the field is the flag. The objective is to get the flag to the opponents finish line. Each team starts at their base (behind the finish line) and starts at the same time. 1-hit infinite respawn: when a player is hit once, they return to their base and resume playing; this may be done an infinite number of times. The objective is to bring the flag to the opponent's finish in front of their base, not necessarily to shoot players.

Quick setup
Even playing field - doesn't matter if one team starts a little closer to the flag (since they each ultimately have to go the same distance) or if one team has better cover (since each team will use it)
Fast(er) games

Can get to a stand-still
Camping (mostly eliminated with finish line in front of respawn base)


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