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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Domination
Length 20 minutes
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Creation date May 26, 2014
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Language English
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This 'Medic' scenario works well with small to medium sized teams on a smaller to medium sized field..
Divide into equal person teams. Appoint or have one person volunteer per team be the 'Medic'.
The premise of the scenario is the 'Medic' can revive a fallen teammate by touching them after they have been hit. You can limit how many times a person can be revived or not. The big catch here is that once the 'Medic' is hit that person, the 'Medic', is dead for the remainder of the gaming session. From this point on it's last operator standing.
The object of this scenario is to protect your 'Medic' while he/she is helping the wounded/dead.

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