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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Defuse the bomb
Length 20 minutes
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Creation date May 28, 2014
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Language English
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This version is a little more high tech than most. First create, before getting to your field, a 'bomb' using whatever materials you have on hand, make it as elaborate or simple as you wish. Attach a cell phone with one of many bomb apps that are available from iTunes or Google Play such as 'Launch Code', 'The Bomb' or 'Customizable Time Bomb'.
At the field divide your Operators into two or more teams, one being the team that will try to defend the bomb from being 'disarmed'. Depending on the phone app being used the team(s) trying to located and disarm the 'bomb' may be under the pressure of a time limit. The goal is to locate and disarmed the 'bomb' within a certain time limit, by getting the disarm sequence correct and/or by getting the unlock code correct.
You can also use this scenario in conjunction with any other scenarios at the same time.

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