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The 'Downed Pilot' scenario is an oldie but a goodie scenario. If played with some energetic operators it can be lots of fun for all the participants. This scenario is best played in a wooded or urban environments. First you need to appoint or have an operator volunteer to be the 'Downed Pilot'. The down pilot should only be armed with a single sidearm with one mag. The next item on the is to designate a 'LZ' aka landing zone where the 'Downed Pilot' will be theoretically picked up by the rescue helicopter. You will also need to designate an area that will be the home base for the enemy search party. Divide the teams into two, one team will be looking for the Downed Pilot (the Enemy) and take him back to their home base and held there for 5 to 20 minutes and the other team will be the extraction team or the "PJs" (Para Rescue) and their job is to get the Downed Pilot to the LZ and have him safely there for 5 to 20 minutes. The best ratio for the teams is to have 2/3 to 3/4 enemy patrol to 1/3 to 1/4 PJs. Re-spawn rules differ on how many operators are playing and the size of the scenario area, please set the re-spawn rules before the game begins

To begin the game have the Downed Pilot go hide out in the middle of the gaming area giving him 5 to 10 minutes to get this accomplished. Have each team have two separate jump off points on the opposite ends of the playing area if possible. Either by a set time or by radio communication between teams start the scenario. The goal of the enemy forces is to locate the Downed Pilot, capture him and take him back to their home base and the PJs are to locate the Downed Pilot and get him to the designated LZ. The enemy forces need to remember that the Downed Pilot is armed with a sidearm and is allowed to defend himself. The Enemy can kill the Downed Pilot if they wish but I feel the scenario is better played if the enemy can capture and transport the Downed Pilot to their home base. The PJs need to remember that they are very out numbered by the enemy forces and being stealth is the key to this game. Once the PJs arrive at the LZ they need to set-up a perimeter to ensure the Downed Pilot is in the LZ for the predetermined amount of time. The scenario is complete when either team can get the Downed Pilot to their areas and held there for the pre-determined amount of time. Killing the Downed Pilot is not necessarily a good thing for either team.

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