Airsoft Murder...Myster Party: Danger in Elbonia

Scenario informations
Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Murder Parties
Length 3 hours
Players 12
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date June 28, 2014
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Language English
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Briefing: At 15:00, a convoy carrying WMDs from the Elbonian Arms and Mitten Treaty was seized by unknown forces and a highly lethal weapon was stolen. It is unknown at this time who is responsible for the theft and what their intentions are, though it is assumed to be dastardly.
Three armed groups in the area are suspect: The rebel Elbonian Gun Group Specialists, hiding in the Steel Oasis, the Elbonian government forces, based out of Manurebad, and the newly arrived Foreign Intervention forces at Promised Landing. Any of these groups could have acquired the WMD for their own purposes and there may be splinter groups pursuing their own ends.
It is your task to discover the secret of the stolen munitions and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, be they mittened or not.
Further objectives and personal dossiers will be delivered later.

Walk softly.
Carry a big, loud gun.




This was a fun murder-party twist on airsoft.

I am happy to provide individual bios and episodes/rounds from the game for those who are interested. It is a little too much to post here.


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