Scenario informations
Category Cold War
Subcategory Vietnam Wars
Length 3 hours
Players 20
Year 1965
Place South Vietnam Border-Laos.
Ground Jungle
General Informations
Creation date July 20, 2011
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Mission 3: Shining Brass.
Pentagon has authorized MACV-SOG to launch operations Across the Border, in South-Vietnam, particularly in the border with Laos. SOG has a bully reputation, they go in and pick fights with VC and NVA elements, even though they are vastly outnumbered.
SOG's priority was to make reconnaissance of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, with this observing the entire logistical system of the NVA and VC.
SOG Objectives: SOG will have to choose the best route to approach the target area. Emphasis in Patrol Tactics. Advised reading: Across the Fence by John Stryker Meyer.
-Infiltrate the Ho Chi Minh Trail, observe and take notes of the situation.
-Plant several mines on designated targets of the Ho Chi Minh Trail marked on the map without being spotted. SOG will have the location to plant the mines, the NVA won't.
-After the mines are detonated (20 second fuses each at close proximity), SOG will take advantage of the confusion and will try to capture a POW, either VC or NVA. If not possible and contact is to hard on them they will break contact, immediately fall back and head to the extraction zone.
NVA/VC Objectives:
-They're mission is to maintain guard along the Trail at all time.
-If contact is made, they must pursue enemies until capture or destruction. Capture is preferable, at least one member of SOG.
This mission will be averaging 2 to 3 hours. This will enable complete team authority over the selected terrain and routes used to approach the objectives.
This mission was played successfully at night, on a full moon scenario. The jungle was tough but SOG team was tougher. Force on force 10 vs 10. It was a bloody and confusing battle. SOG won in the end, nothing beats teamwork after all.


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