Scenario informations
Category Cold War
Subcategory Conflicts in Africa
Length 20 minutes
Players 12
Year 1993
Place Mogadishu, Somalia
Ground Urban
General Informations
Creation date July 23, 2011
Views 3131
Comments 4
Likes 1
Language English
Confidentiality Public




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Black Hawk Down

Replicas and ammunitions
Allowed replica classes
Sniper rifles
Automatic rifles
Semi-automatic rifles
Grenade launcher
Anti tank weapons
Mini (under 18)
Paintball markers
Allowed propulsion categories
Gas (GBB,GNB,Co2)
Bolts & precision replicas
Max Replica strength
Single shots replicas 325 fps
Semi automatic & automatic replicas 325 fps
Allowed pellets
Regular BBs
Biodegradable pellets
Coloured pellets
Minimal eye protection
Protection goggles
Grill mask
Full protection mask
Allowed additional equipement
Backup replica
High-Cap magazine
Secondary charger
Bi Pods
Airsoft hand grenades
Airsoft land mines
Protection gear
Red dot
Light torch
Rules of game

Rules of scenario: Any shot above the bottom of the rib cage and between the shoulders is a kill. two in the torso below the rib cage is a kill while one is not. however, any player hit in that area must lie or sit on the ground until a medic heals them. dead soldiers can not be revived. A limb shot disables the limb that was hit. HOWEVER, a shot in the hand does not disable the entire arm, only the hand. Head shots are instant kills. Neck shots count as wound but kill the soldier after 15 seconds if not healed. The wounded soldier must count down from 15 out loud when shot in the neck. A designated medic can heal a wounded soldier by making contact with them. The Somali Militia does not have a medic, but they do respawn up to 5 times.

Min shooting distance
Replicas under 350 fps: 8 feet
Replicas over 350 fps 1000 feet
Allowed shots
Burst firing
Team kill
Blind firing
Indirect firing
Simulated knife skills

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Bio I like Rock and Roll (especially stuff from the 60s and 70s), The U.S. Military, Rambo, Minecraft, and of course AIRSOFT

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