Scenario informations
Category Cold War
Subcategory Conflicts in Africa
Length 20 minutes
Players 12
Year 1993
Place Mogadishu, Somalia
Ground Urban
General Informations
Creation date July 23, 2011
Views 9484
Comments 4
Likes 2
Language English
Confidentiality Public




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Black Hawk Down

Number Players: 6
Team 1: U.S. Military
Description: As members of the 75th Rangers and Delta Force, you are among the best. You are highly trained, well equiped, and extremely motivated. You are armed with assault rifles, machineguns, and SMGs.
Number Players: 4
Squad 1: Rescue Team
Squad objective 1: Reach Crash Site
Squad objective 2: Evacuate Wounded
Squad objective 3: Return to Convoy
Number Players: 2
Squad 2: BlackHawk Pilots
Squad objective 1: Extract to Convoy
Squad objective 2: Defend yourselves until rescue team arrives

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