Operation: Swimming with Tiberones

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Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 6 hours
Players 60
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 31, 2014
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Location: Los Nieves , Mexico
Situation: A powerful Drug Cartel known as Los Tiberones, have arranged a deal with a Rouge Ukrainian Bio-manufacturer called Bio-Tech, for the exchange of weaponized virus codename: CORDILLA for 2 million dollars. The cartel plans to flip this purchase and sell it to North Korea, Iran, or any other terrorist organizations.

Unknown to the Cartel the Bio-manufacturer is being approached by another buyer, a German Defense Firm that produces small and large grade weapons, known as Sicherheit Industrien ™. The Bio-Tech decides to hold an auction and the bio-weapon goes to the highest bidder, this takes the Cartel off guard.

During this time the C.I.A. have a clandestine a sleeper agent inside the cartel, he has relayed the information to Intelligence regarding the nature of this transaction. If not properly handled this could lead to a possible Bio-Weapons attack on U.S. soil if not handled correctly.

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment--- Delta force, has been dispatched to retrieve the virus by any means necessary. This is am active threat to national security, and the proper actions will be taken.

This Operation will require ingenuity, endurance, and willpower, to complete the task at hand. This is a very dangerous situation and anything could happen at this point on...


“Swimming with Tiberones” is a MilSim airsoft operation in which players are to rely on their own judgment reacting to different tactical situations. This action packed game scenario features many components with scripted events involving active role playing and military style coordination. It is essential for players to understand the scripting of events.

Players should be divided into Four teams each having their own motives, background, uniforms, and objectives. Each player should be actively role playing their part as a individual in the operation. It is essential for individuals that know “insider knowledge” to be the leaders and decision making during the game, triggering scripted events, making the experience be more immerse to the other players.

The Beginning of the game is centered around the Transaction Between Bio-Tech, The Tiberones, and Sicherheit Industrien ™. In this period players are to carefully watch, patrol and stay guard in case if either of these teams want to jump the gun and take the case for themselves. This is in fact an illegal transaction, so security must be impeccable.

All plays should have on hand plenty of ammo, water, MRE’s, and other things for prolonged warfare, also you can keep excess stuff at the safe zone, which will be designated for each team. It is essential to have Different designated BDU’s and Uniform types to designate different teams and roles someone plays in the game. This is a relatively long game so prepare for long engagements. It is also essential to have radios and communications during the op to ensure effectiveness as a squad.

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