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Category Modern Warfare
Length 1 hours
Players 4
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 23, 2011
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VIP sniper game rules and field ideas.

Sniper/VIP Assassination.
Long game (max 1 hour)
1-2 Sniper pairs (one sniper, one spotter)
1 VIP (Dummy Inflated balloon for head sitting on a chair)
Snipers to assassinate VIP (Head shot with balloon popped)
and make it back to start zone (extraction)
One shot and out for defenders.
One medic for each member of the sniper pairs (bandage wrapped around one arm by other team mate).

Defenders are allowed to patrol in pairs in the no-man’s land. Patrols in no-man’s land are not allowed to set up ambushes as there has been no word about the assassination attempt.
Defenders may set up any defenses they want inside the VIP zone as long as there is at least one clear shot to the VIP.
There must be at least 3 defenders with the VIP at any one time.

Hit rules.
Defenders if you are shot DO NOT CALL HIT, immediately place your gun over your head with both hands and leave the field SILENTLY. This is very important as stealth and surprise is the name of the game.
Sniper pairs if you are shot call hit loudly as per normal game play.

How to win.
If all defenders have been eliminated and VIP is dead game is over.
If VIP is dead and Sniper team/s make it back to extraction point game is over.
If both sniper pairs are dead game is over.
If time is up window of opportunity for assassination is over and game is over.
Weapon restrictions
Snipers must have a scoped sniper weapon (real world if possible) and a pistol or SMG secondary only. If sniper weapon is semi automatic the sniper must wait until the BB has hit its target or has finished its flight path.
Spotters may use any primary as long as it is not a sniper weapon. Scopes are not allowed on spotters weapons, red dot and holo sights are allowed. Spotters are allowed to carry binoculars and also able to take the sniper weapon
if the sniper has been killed.

Defenders are allowed any weapon they like.


usmarines011 Sounds like a good game. Will definitely be playing this next time i go.

6 years ago

HEADSHOT99 Great for me ima sniper and this is a great game XD

7 years ago

Dead-BoltAirsoft I don't think the defenders should have sniper rifles... just automatic rifles.. gives the sniper team a little easier time getting closer

7 years ago

Recluse excellent and great details on rules to make sure the gameplay is both fun and fair

7 years ago

NightAngel This is a great scenario for Snipers

7 years ago

hulmeman I like it, great idea :)

7 years ago

Porky Good call Jimmy maybe a small balloon for the center mass one over the heart?? Will keep this in mind.

7 years ago

JimmyPage13 i feel compelled to suggest two balloons, one for the head and the other for center-mass.

7 years ago
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