The Witness Protection Program

Scenario informations
Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Mafia Wars
Length 2 hours
Players 15
Year 2014
Place Trenchcoat Village
Ground Urban
General Informations
Creation date October 30, 2014
Views 6274
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Language English
Confidentiality Public




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A great scenario to break the mould of military warfare and to use a mafia/rural crime theme. Police need to protect witnesses from a mafia hit squad.


Scenario: Due to an upcoming Court Case where certain key witnesses will be testifying against the Mafia. The Drug Lords have put out a hit contract on 7 "Undesirables" (Designated by balloons). This is no rabble of trigger happy wannabees - this is an organised strike by an experienced mercenary team. They will take out these witnesses no matter what the cost. Mafia know that 3 of the Witnesses are being held in South West Project, the White house, and the long house. They are not sure where the others are. Police cannot under any circumstance move the witnesses for security reasons. Witnesses are doing whatever they can to hide themselves as well.


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