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Keywords: snowball, tag, hide, and, seek, ffa, free, for, all

Here is a gametype I made up on the fly when my friends were bored of CTF. It quickly became the most popular game we play together. Its based loosely on the childhood tag/hide and go seek game called "sardines." Every player starts alone. When a player gets shot, they are "downed" and cannot fire or talk. "Downed" players sit down and put their hand in the air. If another player tags that downed person, the downed person joins forces with the tagging player. The tagging player does NOT have to be the player who shot the downed player. Play until everyone is on the same team. Generally, we let the player who has been alive the longest direct the team, and tell teams to stick very close together to avoid confusion of who is on what team. This game works well with 8-12 players. but can be played with as few as 4 and as many as you want... possibly with some confusion. Game length depends entirely on how many players there are and if players are hiding or actively seeking other players.

Source My mind!


MabelMabel I use to love sardines! Hahaha! I'm going to suggest this next time my friend has a war. This is great because it's more of a fun game to play at the end of the day

4 years ago

AirsoftBeach We play this game a lot but we call it the Dating Game and usually have about
4-5 player groups starting out on 2 different fields. Usually it just turns out in everyone shooting eachother cause knowone knows whose on whose team.

7 years ago

Drake We play this game a bit different, the "downed" playre spawn on the player who shot him, just a tap on the sholder and he's alive. A downed player can only spawn on the pirson ho shot him, and you can only spawn on a player thats alive.

7 years ago

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