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Category Future Wars
Subcategory Science Fiction
Length 15 minutes
Players 30
Ground Urban
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Creation date July 25, 2011
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Language English
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The year is 2018. Off the coast of San Francisco the gleaming, white spire of Founders Tower can be seen rising above the floating city known as The Ark. An experiment in a sustainable, self-contained society, The Ark houses some of the most advanced recycling and energy producing technology known to man.

The year is now 2021. The Earth’s polar ice caps have melted, submerging the continents and leaving humanity in shambles. Survivors of the catastrophe, desperate for any shred of hope, fled to the floating city of The Ark for shelter. The Ark now houses over 40,000 survivors, well beyond its original 2,500 founders. The “Guests”, as the survivors are referred to, now live in shanty towns constructed from shipping containers and the remnants of the ships they fled to The Ark on.

It has been over 2 years since any contact with the outside world and supplies are rapidly dwindling. Members of The Resistance, led by Chen, are desperate to leave The Ark and reestablish contact with the outside world. The Resistance clashes with the forces of Ark Security, led by Captain Mokoena, who are determined to maintain order on The Ark. Which side will you choose? Will you flee The Ark? Will you save it?


BioStare I like it!!! Loved the BRINK game...now i love actually getting to play it in real life! :)

6 years ago
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