Mine Destruction and Extract - Assult and Defend

Scenario informations
Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 2 hours
Players 20
Year 2016
Place Russia
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date January 11, 2015
Views 4602
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Likes 1
Language English
Confidentiality Public




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two forces: the united states special operations force and the Russian spetnaz battle for the mining facility.


The year is 2016, diplomacy between the united states and Russia has failed. the untied states special operations force has been dispatched deep behind enemy Russian lines to disable and destroy a spetnaz guarded mining facility that has been mass producing the deadly radioactive element - uranium.

For the US forces to succeed they must clear the mine of spetnaz forces and hold and defend the mine for * minutes to successfully plant a C4 and destroy the mine. once the mine has been destroyed the US forces must move to the facility for extraction. they must defend the facility for 10 minutes to load the uranium on to the helicopter and get extracted. once the US operatives are in place the now regrouped and reorganised spetnaz forces can begin their assault.

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