Scenario informations
Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 5 hours
Players 61
Year 2011
Place A Laboratory, somewhere
Ground Indoor
General Informations
Creation date July 26, 2011
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Language English
Confidentiality Public




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Stop the irradiated "Experiment" from escaping the lab compound, defeat the security guards and mad scientists, and save the day!

The Setting:

Inside a building.

Preferably a large one, with lots of rooms and corridors, and with woods surrounding it

The Scenario:

An experiment gone horribly wrong has created a MONSTER bent on killing, killing, killing everything in sight! LabCorps, a Defence Contractor, has been experimenting with human enhancement drugs and radiation treatments, in an effort to create a Super Soldier for use by the United States Customs and Immigration Service. God knows they need all the help they can get! Hidden in a secure laboratory, their experiments went dangerously awry when a sudden and unexpected power surge into the Illudium XQ-36 Radiation Modulator sent a pulse of 40,000 terra-rems of high-powered radiation into their test subject, a mild-mannered accountant named Arthur Pewty.

It seems that as a result of this unfortunate accident, Mr. Pewty’s biophysical and psychological characteristics have been dangerously super-enhanced to the point of massive overload from the super-dose of radiation, turning him into a grotesque, wild, slobbering beast, hell-bent on wreaking bloody havoc in the world by killing as many people as possible, all for the sole reason of him being able to add up all the numbers of casualties. Mr. Pewty has escaped from the experimental radiation chamber and is roaming the laboratory building attempting to find an escape route so that he can go out into the world and begin his quest for blood and numbers. He is now "The Experiment"...

Additionally, the protective measures taken by the scientists were not all that well planned, or successfully implemented, for that matter, because each of them has been irradiated as well, just not with as large a direct dose as Mr. Pewty. They are all in a dangerously zombie-like condition, wild-eyed, and just barely on the side of normal. At least by casual observation they seem normal. In reality, they are mad. Mad, I tell you! Stark raving mad! They are determined to protect their creation at all costs. They are roaming the lab attempting to locate and contain Mr. Pewty so that they can figure out exactly what they did and make more like him. They also feel sorry for him, and don’t want him to get hurt. They’re mad! Mad, I tell you! Stark raving mad!

These scientists have given orders to the LabCorps Security Forces to defend the building, help locate and contain The Experiment (Mr. Pewty), and keep the Tactical Response Team from killing him. It is up to the Tactical Response Team to save the day by locating and killing The Experiment. But, there's a catch - The Experiment may only be killed by the special EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON hidden somewhere in the lab. The Security Guards must find it first, to keep it out of the hands of the Tactical Response Team, or eliminate the Tactical Response Team altogether. The Security Guards are patrolling the building in small groups, and also are patrolling the woods surrounding the approaches to the Laboratory complex. Given how inept most Security Guards are, and these are, the situation would be much more dangerous if they only knew what they were doing!

The Scientists, because they have been irradiated and are now mad, (Mad, I tell you! Stark raving mad!) have become dangerous maniacs who have looted the weapons storage facility in the Security section of LabCorps and will attack the Tactical Response Team to protect The Experiment. They are not coordinated with the Security Guards, because they have all gone mad! Mad, I tell you! Stark raving MAD!

An elite team of assault specialists has been called in by the Minister of Defence to attempt to eliminate the triple threat posed by the scientists, their security guards, and Mr. Pewty. Their job is to locate the Experimental Weapon to neutralize The Experiment and keep him from escaping the lab. They must contend with the Scientists (They’re mad! Mad, I tell you! Stark raving MAD!) and the Security Guards who will be attempting to kill them to save The Experiment and LabCorps.


Additional Items Needed:

A single shot CO2 or spring-powered paintball marker, Clear, brightly colored, it doesn’t matter as long as it does not look like any kind of a real weapon of any sort. This is the Experimental “Neutralizer” and it is to be hidden inside the building, at an undisclosed and unknown-to-all location. Also hidden in the building, in a bright blue box, is a full canister of CO2. Elsewhere in the building, this time in a bright yellow box, is a small container of paintballs. The Neutralizer can only be loaded with one round at a time, and must be re-cocked and reloaded between shots. If The Neutralizer is spring powered, only the ammo is placed in the building. If it is CO2 powered, they are all placed in separate locations from each other. The Neutralizer can ONLY be used on The Experiment, and no other players. Period. Use of the Neutralizer on any player other than The Experiment will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the field.

One Scorecard for the Respawn/Staging area. – The Scoreboard should be one of those large dry-erase boards, with columns for each team type. TRT, Guards, Scientists, Experiment. Use dry erase markers to keep score, and a separate “Score Keeper” may be appointed or volunteer. Once eliminated, Security Guards make a mark on the Tally Board, (keep track of kills) and wait 4 minutes before they can re-enter the operations area. Scientists do not Respawn, cannot renew their ammunition, and cannot communicate with the Security Guards inside the operations area.

There is no time limit to this game. It ends when the Experiment is Neutralized, and can no longer gain points by shooting other players. The game ends when The Experiment is neutralized, all of the Scientists are killed, all of the Tactical Response Team is killed, or when the Tactical Response Team, the Scientists, or The Experiment is out of ammo.

Source Lancer Enterprises


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