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Category Outside the Box
Length 20 minutes
Players 5
Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 20, 2015
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A night game with uneven teams. Basically TDM, just a different setting.

A (group of) criminal(s) has just robbed a bank and is hiding from the police, armed with (an) AEG(s). The police officers, armed with pistols, are on the hunt for the criminal(s).

The police officers are the majority. If there are 5 players, there should be 1 criminal and 4 officers, if 8 players, 2 criminals 6 officers, etc.


Lets say there's 12 players (so there will be 3 criminals, 8 police officers). The 3 criminals have 5-10 minutes to hide at one end of the playing field. Once the hiding time is up, the police officers yell "start!", sound the horn, whistle, blow off fireworks, however you like to start a game.

The criminals are outnumbered so they will use AEG's. And because the police officers are the majority, they will use pistols (spring, gas, co2, whatever), and are required to use a flashlight (either attached to their gun or held in their hand). From there on it's basically TDM. If the police officers shoot all of the criminals, they win. If the criminals shoot all of the police officers, they win.

Camping is recommended for the criminals because they are not only outnumbered, but it fits the scenario better. Police officers don't necessarily need to rush immediately, they just need to be on the "search" for the criminals.

Remember, PLAY AT NIGHT! "Stealth" isn't a very fun game during the day.


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