It's every mosquito...*cough, cough*'s every man for himself in this quick-paced, nighttime airsoft game. Each man is on the search for the hidden flashlights, trying to obtain them while also eluding enemy fire.

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Giant of Karelia

Giant of Karelia

BF4 Milsim Scenario.

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MACV-SOG Operations.

MACV-SOG Operations.

Mission 3: Shining Brass.
Pentagon has authorized MACV-SOG to launch operations Across the Border, in South-Vietnam, particularly in the border with Laos. SOG has a bully reputation, they go in and pick fights with VC and NVA elements, even though they are vastly outnumbered.
SOG's priority was to make reconnaissance of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, with this observing the entire logistical system of t...

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  • Category: Cold War


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