Operation Burning Bull

Operation Burning Bull

it starts with a NATO patrol following their route when they are ambushed by Terrorist. This starts an operation by NATO to clear out the Terrorist threat in the area.

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It's every mosquito...*cough, cough*...it's every man for himself in this quick-paced, nighttime airsoft game. Each man is on the search for the hidden flashlights, trying to obtain them while also eluding enemy fire.

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Airsoft Murder...Myster Party: Danger in Elbonia

Airsoft Murder...Myster Party: Danger in ...

Briefing: At 15:00, a convoy carrying WMDs from the Elbonian Arms and Mitten Treaty was seized by unknown forces and a highly lethal weapon was stolen. It is unknown at this time who is responsible for the theft and what their intentions are, though it is assumed to be dastardly.
Three armed groups in the area are suspect: The rebel Elbonian Gun Group Specialists, hiding in the Steel Oasis, the El...

Spy Party/Cocktail Party/Assassins and Ronins.

Spy Party/Cocktail Party/Assassins and Ro...

This is not a standard Milsim, Sport, or Team gamemode, it's more conversational, selective, and requires more skill on the draw, rather than accuracy or sheer rate of fire. Inspired by CIA and KGB assassins, this is more of an action party game than a sport, with randomly chosen players who have VIPs to protect and people to kill.
The player(s) with his asset protected or kill confirmed while ma...

Hard Target

Hard Target

Un grupo de amigos provenientes de la gran ciudad, cansados del ajetreo mundano deciden buscar algun destino interesante para relajarse y cambiar de aires.

Eventualmente se deciden por hacer un viaje en auto por la historica "Ruta 66" en EEUU. En algún punto cercano al desierto de Mojave deciden ir a visitar uno de los tantos pueblos fantasmas que existen cerca de San Bernardino, Cal...


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