New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO)

New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO...

New Game Type: White Walkers - Two parts Airsoft Game.

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Operation: Double Trouble

Operation: Double Trouble

Each team has one Juggernaut. Only the team's Juggernaut can kill the other team's Juggernaut. This is a kill=point game.

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Bomb Disposal/Disarmament

Bomb Disposal/Disarmament

This version is a little more high tech than most. First create, before getting to your field, a 'bomb' using whatever materials you have on hand, make it as elaborate or simple as you wish. Attach a cell phone with one of many bomb apps that are available from iTunes or Google Play such as 'Launch Code', 'The Bomb' or 'Customizable Time Bomb'.
At the field divide your Operators into two or more t...



A long version of planting the bomb that requires lots of teamwork and 2 some what large and seperate fields. You can play this game with one field but there needs to be restrictions if you do. Also, at the start of the game everyone will have unlimited respawns until someone finds the bomb, then bomb carriers only have one life.

This is how the game goes. First you need a bunker or some room l...


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