New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO)

New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO...

New Game Type: White Walkers - Two parts Airsoft Game.

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Operation: Double Trouble

Operation: Double Trouble

Each team has one Juggernaut. Only the team's Juggernaut can kill the other team's Juggernaut. This is a kill=point game.

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Hunting 'Puppies' Scenario

Hunting 'Puppies' Scenario

The premise of this scenario is quite simple. If you have a group of operators that is mixed with under 18 years of age pretty equal to 18 and older this scenario is for you.
You divide the two teams , one containing all players under 18, 'Puppies', on first team and all the players 18 and over on second team. When the scenario starts, it'z quite simple, the 18 and over hunt down the 'Puppies'. Th...

Alpha & Bravo: conquer, rescue, capture

Alpha & Bravo: conquer, rescue, captu...


Two opposing teams fight for the control of 3 zones within the playing area.

Every team is arranged in two equally numbered groups: Alpha and Bravo.

Players in Alpha wear an armband, their mission is to conquer and control the zones.

Players in Bravo support/rescue their teammates in Alpha. Bravo players don’t wear an armband.

Points are scored by conquering the zones and captu...

'Medic' Scenario

'Medic' Scenario

This 'Medic' scenario works well with small to medium sized teams on a smaller to medium sized field..
Divide into equal person teams. Appoint or have one person volunteer per team be the 'Medic'.
The premise of the scenario is the 'Medic' can revive a fallen teammate by touching them after they have been hit. You can limit how many times a person can be revived or not. The big catch here is that ...

'Infectious' Scenario

'Infectious' Scenario

The Infectious scenario makes for a fun and fast paced Airsoft game. Great for small to medium sized teams on a smaller to medium sized field.
The premise is very split your operators into even teams, you can have more than two teams if your numbers start the game...when an operator gets shot/hit they join the team that hit them. The game is over when all the operators are ...

Hold the line

Hold the line

Type: Skirmish
Teams: A vs B
Respawn rule: Go to the back of the filed on your teams side and return on the field
Winning conditions: All team members have crossed the red line
Stalemate conditions: Both teams do not completely cross the red line
Losing conditions: All of the opposing team have crossed the red line
Limitation: You can not cross the blue line of the opposing team



Simple and quick scenario, good for warming up and training aggresive assaults. Every team has at least two times more ribbons, than the team has members. at the beginning, every player takes one ribbon into the pocket, and move out. If he gets hit, he leaves his ribbon on the place and goes to the base for another one and enter the game again.

1 per 5 member in each time plays on special rule...


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