Operation: Double Trouble

Operation: Double Trouble

Each team has one Juggernaut. Only the team's Juggernaut can kill the other team's Juggernaut. This is a kill=point game.

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L'argent n'a pas d'odeur

L'argent n'a pas d'odeur

Avril 2013, en Afghanistan. Les rebelles Talibans tirent des bénéfices non négligeables de la vente d'opium. Cet argent leur permet de continuer la lutte armée et de contrôler toujours 1/4 du pays. La récolte est proche. Les ...

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One bomb, placed in the middel of the playing field.
bout tems are traying to take out the outer teams base whit the one bomb.
Bomb time can you decide yourself. Medic and re-spawn should be in the game just to make it more funny, but you dont need it.
The healing-time and re-spawn time are up to you and decide.

Base aeria dont ned to be more than a Paperbag hanging in a tree or somthin...


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