New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO)

New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO...

New Game Type: White Walkers - Two parts Airsoft Game.

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Operation: Double Trouble

Operation: Double Trouble

Each team has one Juggernaut. Only the team's Juggernaut can kill the other team's Juggernaut. This is a kill=point game.

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Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord

Operation overlord is a very hard game to put together, but ultimately is very fun. It is a modernized version of D-day also called operation overlord. one team consisting of 1/3 of the players will defend a position. An unset distance from the defended position is a boundary representing the beaches of normandy. the smaller team (the army of the third riech) can fire at any enemy in any position ...

Shoot the Commander

Shoot the Commander

Fairly self explanatory...

Team one holds out from a base and cannot move outside of it beyond a certain point. They have to dig in and defend the commander who is chosen at random from one of the members of Team One.

Team One players respawn only and have infinite amount of respawns, until they become the commander. After they've been the commander, they only have one life left.

Team Two...


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