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SS G19 Guide Rod Set

SS G19 Guide Rod Set

Highlighted features
Stainless Steel material with CNC machined
4 buffers for modification to shorten the cycling
Include 150% Enhance Recoil Spring
Enhance the reaction force to speed up the blowback cycle
3 Colors available: Silver, Titanium Black and Titanium Gold
For TM G19

T1 Fiber Optic Front Sight

T1 Fiber Optic Front Sight

Highlighted features
Aluminum material with CNC machined
Ultra lightweight design
‘Parabolic Sight’ design to brighten Fiber Optic Sight
Perfect Dot design to faster and much accurate sight alignment
Socket set screws can hold the sight on the slide much firmly
2mm Real fiber optic rods, much brighter than acrylic rods
Include 2mm Real Fiber optic rods (red*1, green*1)


150% G19 Recoil Spring

150% G19 Recoil Spring

Highlighted features
Made from High Strength Spring Steel
Hard Coating Prevents Corrosion
Shorten length with harder coil
Improve cycling efficiency
Fully compression by shorten spring length
Cycling enhancement through 2 different tensioned zones
For TM G19

SS G Hammer Set

SS G Hammer Set

Highlighted features
Precision CNC machined Stainless Steel
MAF Polishing Technology for greatly smoother operation
Durable construction prevents warping under hard use
Hammer set including hammer, sear & firing pin
For TM G17 & G19

Enhanced G Piston Head, Enhanced MP Piston Head, Enhanced 15

Enhanced G Piston Head, Enhanced MP Pisto...

Enhanced G Piston Head. For KSC/KWA G Series
Enhanced MP Piston Head. For KSC/KWA MP7 & MP9
Enhanced 15mm Piston Head. For KSC/KWA TT-33, MK23, USP.45, SP2022, CZ75, P226, M1911, HK45 & MAKAROV MKV PM
Highlighted features
Enhanced Piston Head for Air-Tightness.
Designed to withstand high impact pressure.
Stabilized Performance.
Improved durability over original piston head
High qua...

Gold Thief - Scribblestown Airsoft

Gold Thief - Scribblestown Airsoft

objectives steal the gold =
In order to get into the bank our team needs the key, to get in through the bank door
in order to get into the vault, we'll need the code that is in the box
the key is in the feild approximetly over here
the box is going to be approximetly over here
the bank is over here
this is where we bring the gold

North V South Airsoft Festival 2019 Saturday and Sunday Maps

North V South Airsoft Festival 2019 Satur...

Saturday and Sunday Game Maps for North V South 2019
It's not long now until the weekender :D
But if you haven't booked yet you can still reserve your place for only a £40 deposit: - ASG M40A3 Airsoft Sniper Rifle USMC - ASG M40A3 Airsoft Snip...

Arriving next week ASG M40A3 Airsoft Sniper Rifle USMC - ASG HERA ARMS CQR SSS AR15 - ASG HERA ARMS CQR SSS ...

The HERA ARMS CQR is a joint partnership project by ActionSportGames and ICS Airsoft. The Airsoft rifle is designed and developed using original blueprints and drawings provided by HERA Arms, and also features components custom made for Airsoft by HERA ARMS. The project is built on the ICS CXP AEG platform for proven reliability... - GBB STEN MKII AIRSOFT RIFLE BY NE - GBB STEN MKII AIRSOFT ...


We like out WWII period weapons here and when the rumours of a GBB (Gas BlowBack) STEN under development, we kept our ears to the ground and went hunting. And boy, did it pay off! As a result, we'd like to introduce you to the latest member of the Gas BlowBack family...


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