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A belt that you can make your own - Choose your buckle colour, choose internal Velcro loop, or not.

Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour Limited, the IA 1.5 Inch Combat Belt in Multicam utilises the Austrialpin 28mm Cobra buckle with a choice of Black, Tan or Foliage Green Cobra Buckle. Stiffened to offer support for holsters and thigh-rigs, the IA 1.5 Inch Combat Belt only weighs 5.7oz or 162g...

How MultiCam is made

How MultiCam is made

Did you ever wonder where the Multicam fabric used by the major tactical gear brands to make the gear you use, comes from or how it’s made?

Well, almost all of the “real” Multicam comes from Duro Textiles LLC based out of Fall River, MA in the US, Duro has been a major supplier of fabric, fabric technologies and camouflage to the military since its beginnings. Duro is the sole Commercial and I...

Crye Precision Shot Show 2014 new products

Crye Precision Shot Show 2014 new product...

Crye Precision’s gear at the 2014 Shot Show in Vegas.

Crye Precision designs and manufactures truly innovative equipment for America’s fighting forces.

Watch it here:

Crye Precision – AirLite Plate Carrier EK04

Crye Precision – AirLite Plate Carrier EK...

AirLite™ plate carriers are the lightest MOLLE-compatible plate carriers in the world. Although they’re ridiculously light, they’re also extremely durable and strong carriers.
The EK04™ shares the same base design as our ultralight EK03™ with the addition of two integrated 6″ wide side plate pockets. Minimal weight, minimal bulk, minimal complexity. AirLite™ is the original and best ultra-light c...

Crye Precision – Compact Assault Ghillie

Crye Precision – Compact Assault Ghillie...

A ghillie that packs down to about the same size and weight of a baseball.

Snipers aren’t the only people on the battlefield who benefit from concealment. The Compact Assault Ghillie™ is a new, lightweight, low-bulk concept in assaulter concealment.It is light and small enough to carry with you or wear full time. Laser-cut 3D shapes physically break up the most visible human outline – the head ...

Crye Precision - NightCap™

Crye Precision - NightCap™

Check out one of the latest new releases from Crye – the Night Cap™!

Solving the problem of wearing NVGs when you don’t need a helmet, the NightCap™ is great for low-vis needs, general recce work, and even hunting.

Stuff it in your pocket until needed and then just clip your NVGs in for a lightweight and stable option when a helmet is not needed.

More details here: http://blog.airsoftcomm...

Crye Precision - New MultiCam Patterns & Reinvents Website

Crye Precision - New MultiCam Patterns &a...

The new MultiCam patterns are now officially released! At the new designed website you can find all: Arid, Tropical, Alpine and Black.

The MultiCam® patterns were developed to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments with a minimum logistical burden. The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any oper...

Crye Precision - Modular Rigger’s Belt™

Crye Precision - Modular Rigger’s Belt™...

Cryes MRB (Modular Rigger’s Belt) is a single, lightweight belt system that carries your gear and holds up your pants.

Features their new LoopLock™ inner belt layer that passes through pants belt loops, keeping the MRB oriented and stable.

Learn more over here:

Crye Precision - AirLite™ Products available!

Crye Precision - AirLite™ Products availa...

The all new AirLite products from Crye Precision are now available for purchase at their website! AirLite™ is a material system they developed with one goal in mind; reduced weight!

Much of the weight of a traditional armor system isn’t in the armor. The carrier itself accounts for a significant portion of the overall weight of a traditional vest. By combining the base fabric and a modular atta...

Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated

Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated

The cold is coming fast and to stay warm & dry during your airsoft games, tactical training, or combat activities is one of the most importand things. Crye Precision designed the Halfjak which´s look like a womens “bolero” but this thing offers you several options.

Read more:


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