Milsim means Military Simulation and can take different version as Airsoft, Paintball games or video games to simulate Military scenarios and tactics. MilSim can take two different categories: reenactment or simulation
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New York Battlegroup Possible Meetup!

New York Battlegroup Possible Meetup!

Greetings all,

If you are in the Rivertowns area of Westchester County, New York, we are having a possible meetup!

The meeting place is to be announced, so please be patient.

If you are from the ages of 13-17, you are more than welcome to visit! We are a local youth group that is small but growing. We play airsoft as much as possible! We focus on training our cadets on tactics/strategies ...

  • by Fish 7 months ago

International Milsim team

International Milsim team

My Background:
16 1/2 Yrs Navy
1 1/2 Yrs Army

VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure)
Small Boat Unit (MERSON 4)
Land Security (MERSON 4)

8 + yrs Airsoft
Operated in Japan (Chiba Area)
Operated in Texas
Operated in Virgina

Operation King Rail 17

Operation King Rail 17

CWG's spring event offering modern era, totally-immersive, all-weather, day and night war gaming.

With realistic casualty handling, unit insignia and uniforms, military radios, issued ammunition, authentic custom maps, and much more this is as milsim as it gets.

Operation: Blind Guardian October 28th - 30th

Operation: Blind Guardian October 28th - ...

Evolution style Milsim event at 878 Airsoft in Waxahachie, TX presented by JTAC Airsoft Productions on October 28th through 30th

Take advantage of early registration where tickets will be discounted at $55 till Oct 21st 2016. Registration closes Oct 26th at Midnight and all sales will be closed. This event will have a player cap of 250 participants.

Operation: Blind Guar...

Partida desarollada, (Todos los nombresson ficticios)

Partida desarollada, (Todos los nombresso...

Domingo, 21 de Julio del año 2012, en Tucuskitan, en la ciudad central de Betuncera, un grupo fraccionario despues de años de trabajo de diversos nucleos terroristas, provoco la guerra abierta entre el estado A y B, enfrascados en un conflicto de poder.

Equipo A.

Al enterarse la OTAN y sus aliados mobilizaron todos los activos y agentes que tenian en la region, teniendo meras horas para res...

101st SSWG youtube channel

101st SSWG youtube channel

Hi, we start to post some new video after quite some time because we are busy to swap our airsoft sistem entirely whit a new type of ir sensor that allow us to upgrade the simulation level and grant us a really huge advantage in range. You can get more information in our channel. Please support us and subscribe!

Operation Gladio 2016

Operation Gladio 2016

At Operation Stonewall the Green Forces of the Southern Army were overwhelmed by enemy troops in an almost 2 to 1 ratio. So many targets of opportunity with so little man power to follow through. Eventually the Northern Raiders would overpower the Bastards... but there was always a back-up plan in place.

The Bastards had already placed a complete network across the North to cover any region t...



Our latest video from Berget 14.

  • by BTJO 2 years ago

CENTAURO Milsim - Portugal 2016

CENTAURO Milsim - Portugal 2016

CENTAURO event is organized by Associação Lusitana de Airsoft - APD.
Operation window:
062230Out.16 - Deployment;
070000Out.16 – Beginning;
091230Out.16 - Terminus.
60H operation
CENTAURO event is, in its essence, a reconnaissance mission over hostile territory, and it consists in:
1.0 - Autonomous Infil / Exfil patrols, with 4 or 5 elements;
1.1 – Infil / Exfil patrols will be inserted on...

MSOT - Task Force Nexus NEW!

MSOT - Task Force Nexus NEW!

We are a new team, from PJ's to MAROSC.

We are MSOT - Task Force Nexus. A MARSOC reenactment team out of Mohave Valley, Arizona.

(We are not affiliated with the military in any way.)

We recruit all over the tristate in nearby states, including our team on the East Coast.


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