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Roundhouse Productions

Roundhouse Productions

We are largest CQB field for Airsoft in the Bay Area, with a season team of operators with over a decade of experience running the very finest in Airsoft Events. Located on the retired Fort Ord Military base, Marina, CA, you will get to experience CQB and MOUT engagements like no other. NOTHING comes close to the challenges and excitement you’ll experience at a Roundhouse Productions Op!


Merlin's Airsoft News

Merlin's Airsoft News

Merlin's Blog Spot is a Blog (website) with various articles such as reviews, first aid tips, opnions and Operational coverage. Follow the coverage from such events as Weekend of Heroes: US Airsoft Expo, Shot Show 2013, and various local, regional and nation ops around the US. Subscribed to updates via the website, follow us on twitter @merlinsblog spot, "like"...

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