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We are one of the largest and oldest airsoft stores in the Czech Republic. We specialise in selling airsoft guns, accessories, parts and tactical equipment. We provide authorised service and expert advice.

For more than 10 years we have imported directly from countries such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark and Germany.

Therefore we hold many goods in our war...

United States Delta Force

United States Delta Force

We are an elite air soft squad. We are superior to any other team. We will be on top of all and become the best. Do not dare join if you are not the best of the best. DELTA FORCE!

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Selection of Airsoft photos

Selection of Airsoft photos

Here I'll publish my selection of the best Airsoft Photo: bb gun, air rifles, sniper or custom, special equipment, outdoor operation, indoor training, Team picture and blabla...

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I hope you will like it, sha...

BB Bastard Brand Airsoft Ammunition

BB Bastard Brand Airsoft Ammunition

Manufacturer of high quality Airsoft BB's. Unlike other companies that buy in bulk and rebag, we completely control our manufacturing process and developed it almost 10 years ago in 2003.

Our ECO line of biodegradable and bio-inert products is second to none and is quickly gaining a reputation in North America for being one of the best BB formulations, even over styrene.

We recommitted to li...

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