Tanaka: Tanaka is best known for their revolvers and for good reason. They defined the concept of the gas operated revolver with their proprietary PEGASUS system, which allows the user to load a reservoir inside the cylinder with propellant instead of individual shells. Based in Japan, they’ve been producing airsoft revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and recently, automatic pistols, since approximately 1987. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Tanaka airsoft guns.
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Tanaka M700

Tanaka M700

I bought the Tanaka M700 Police 26inch rifle about 2,5 years ago now from Redwolfairsoft.com .
After using this rifle for such a long time I thought it would be about time to make a review of this!
The version I Have is the one without the Power control system bolt ( PCS bolt) ; A bolt where you could simply adjust the FPS in a range from 360-550. Tanaka stopped making these because of the new F...

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