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Praetorian stalker mask / Masques intégrale stalker grillagé

Praetorian stalker mask / Masques intégra...

That mask is lightweight, and have many camo possibilities.
He's in steel and very strong.
And you have any problems of visibility .
It is a very good protection, and you can complete your gear with the good camo.

Ce masque est super, pas de buée, il y a plein de camo différents dispos !
La grille est en acier les billes ne passeront pas.
Idéal pour compléter sa tenue en gardant un camoufl... custom mask custom mask

Ok, first thing is first, I am in no way what so ever related or in any way connected to this website or its owners and am purely giving credit where credit is due on a good job well done.....

Since I started playing airsoft, I have had the age old battle of finding a face mask setup that I like. I have wasted ££££s over and over again buying all different types of masks, goggles and eye protec...

Full protection Brassguard Stark Mask

Full protection Brassguard Stark Mask

Ca va faire un an et demi que je fais de l'airsoft

J'ai commencé, comme tout le monde, avec des lunettes classiques...
et comme tout le monde, j'en ai vite marre de la buée
j'ai alors essayé les masques à grilles..plutot efficace, mais ca ne protege pas le reste du visage

J'ai ensuite decouvert la marque Brassguard, et les protections qu'ils proposent
J'ai tout de suite investi dans un Pr...

How to sight your gun with a facemask

How to sight your gun with a facemask

Many people claim they cannot sight their guns with a mask on. Here is a simple method that allows you to use iron sights or scopes and still keep your face protected.


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