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Airsoft Lot
550 USD

Airsoft Lot

Selling 8 airsoft guns and accessories. Selling as a lot only, not in singles. $550, obo.

L96 [folding stock variant, has scope & bipod] spring

Unknown sniper [VSR10?]Wood stock, spring

King Arms Thompson, Licensed AEG -Echo1

XCR-C [polymer]

Robinson Armament AEG -JG M4a1

Elite Force AEG-G36c, battery

Uzi Carbine[HFC?], all metal, gas operated, needs a new mag

Lancer ...

COWCOW Technology - HopUp Bucking Combo

COWCOW Technology - HopUp Bucking Combo

CCT HopUp bucking is manufactured by high quality anti-oil rubber material. It can prevent swelling, scratch and crash during the heavy usage. Its re-designed entrance shape can better fit with nozzle movement to prevent jamming. Flared chamber to allow BB feeding much smoother. The 70° / 60° / 50° options are able to enhance different level of spin velocity (70° Low / 60° Middle / 50° High) which...

COWCOW Technology - Competition Recoil Buffer Module

COWCOW Technology - Competition Recoil Bu...

Competition Recoil Buffer for Hi-capa / 1911 is prefect fit for professional user. Its high quality anti-oil rubber material is able to prevent swelling and broken and perform excellent on shock adsorption. It minimises the jamming caused during heavy usage. There are 4 levels of hardness of our buffer with 4 stainless steel spacers. Users can pick your own combination (From steady soften recoil t...

Krytac Trident MK2 CRB FG Foliage Green
300 USD

Krytac Trident MK2 CRB FG Foliage Green

Selling a used Krytac Trident MK2 CRB FG Foliage Green for 350$. Gun has only been shot in the back yard. Come with Gun + charger + battery + 4 magazines. Pretty much brand new. Paid about 420$ for everything after taxes so just trying to get some of it back because I never ended up playing. Shoot me a pm or anything if you have questions or want to negotiate.

Condor Cyclone plate carrier
80 USD

Condor Cyclone plate carrier

Never worn Cyclone plate carrier with kangaroo triple mag insert and dummy plates

Air Soft M9 pistol + M4 rifle w/ all gears needed today
329 USD

Air Soft M9 pistol + M4 rifle w/ all gear...

I am selling my airsoft guns with sorrow. Bought in Germany new for 780 Euros total, I took great care of my guns. They are in excellent condition and hope they will find a new owners who does the same. I've had my fun battling with the Germans and the French. It enabled me to maintain my training while serving the U.S. Army there.

Contact me if you are interested or have further questions.

CQB AK with Tightbore Barrel
110 USD

CQB AK with Tightbore Barrel

A DBoy CQB AK, modeled on the AK-74U. Most of the receiver is solid steel, with the handguard and grip being polymer. Will accept up to a 9.6 volt NiMH battery (small Tamiya connector). Compatible with other AK magazines (not included). Features a folding stock, side mount for optics, fully-upgradeable Version 3 gearbox, and a tightbore barrel installed by Amped Airsoft. Overall this gun is a...

Nightfall (Annual Strike Team Alpha MilSim Event)

Nightfall (Annual Strike Team Alpha MilSi...

Nightfall is Strike Team Alpha's 4th Annual Summer MilSim Event and its first big MilSim Weekender.

Mission: You are a new recruit to a secret elite British military unit codenamed Strike Team Alpha. While on route to a black site the secret Strike Team Alpha HQ you are attacked by an unknown enemy.

You and any surviving team members must bound together and make your way to the black site, ...

Strike Team Alpha

Strike Team Alpha

Strike Team Alpha is a team of people (both men and women) aged at least 18 years old from London both current serving personnel, ex military and those with no experience coming together for sportsmanship, airsoft and the milsim experience.

We are a social based team and take part in airsoft/milsim activities throughout the year with a big Annual Event in the summer.

  • Members: 1
  • Category: Teams

COWCOW Technology - Internal Parts for Loading Nozzle

COWCOW Technology - Internal Parts for Lo...

High Flow Nozzle Valve which can smooth and enhance gasflow. It also minimises the gas loss to fasten the entire cycling. 100% CNC machined with 7075 Aluminum. Each packing serves with 2 different options of valve spring.

Nozzle Valve Spring constructed with high strength spring steel and hard coating to enhance it durability and stability. 2 different lengths of spring option lets professional...


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