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GITA58 : Opération Sniper #2

GITA58 : Opération Sniper #2

Le GITA58 prépare la seconde édition de l'Opération Sniper par notre très chère "Madza58".

Début le Samedi 12 Octobre à 15h00
et fin le Dimanche 13 Octobre à 15h00.

Tarif : NC
Repas / Boisson : NC

/!\La partie se déroule aussi de nuit/!\

Plus d'informations prochainement, suivez l’événement sur notre forum

  • Starting Date: October 12, 2013
  • Country: France

Airsoftmagazine Issue#27 is out!

Airsoftmagazine Issue#27 is out!

Round 27 of the German Airsoftmag. With the second part about the US Marines in Iraq 2003, this chapter of the main article can be closed with many different gear, reenactment and historical information about the USMC 1st Recon. As always they tested guns and equipment and played with a real HK416 in .223, which was strongly modified and won a contest of HK USA...

Get yours here: http://blog.ai...

Bravo Style #2 Headset

Bravo Style #2 Headset

In this review, Razor takes a look at the Bravo Style #2 headset he uses in his kit.

Airsoft Kombat 47 // new issue#20 is out !

Airsoft Kombat 47 // new issue#20 is out ...

Caronte Jms of Airsoft Kombat 47 send over news about the latest release of their magazine.

What´s inside? Find it out at the blog.

Link: http://blog.airsoftcommunity.de/airsoft-kombat-47-new-issue20-is-out

Shot Show 2013 Photo Gallery #2

Shot Show 2013 Photo Gallery #2

Some of the cool things we saw at the ATN (American Technologies Network) Booth while we walked around Shot Show 2013. I decided to dedicate this gallery to the bad ass night vision optics that were on display and fully functional so you could play around with them.


Issue #24 of 0'20 Magazine

Issue #24 of 0'20 Magazine

0'20 magazine is becoming more interactive and each issue comes with more content. Now you can watch videos directly from the magazine, plus find all the extra pictures of interviews and lots of additional articles to discover all that does not fit in the magazine. Get your free copy and discover the best airsoft in the pages of issue 24 of 0'20 Magazine!!

Here are two of the exclusive video re...

  • by rudy 6 years ago

0'20 magazine's #23 issue now available

0'20 magazine's #23 issue now available

0'20 magazine's #23 issue now available. Available for free the first interactive number of 0'20 magazine : http://www.020mag.com/noticias/2981/n-23-interactivo-de-0-20-magazine-ya-disponible

  • by rudy 7 years ago


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