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G&P MRP Combat (Short, Black)

G&P MRP Combat (Short, Black)

G&P MRP Combat (Short, Black)
G&P MRP Combat Short Custom AEG Rifle
-- 16inch Monolithic Rail Platform Metal Body (LMT Engraved Lower Receiver)
-- 11.5inch Carbine Length Outer Barrel
-- G&P MRP QD Front Sight ,Rear Sight ,Raider Foregrip, I.A. Grip, Mod Buttstock, Metal Body Sling Mount, Slim Rail Cover
-- MAGPUL 120 Rounds PMAG?, Trigger Guard
-- Equipped with G&P 8mm Versi...

G&P PTS203 16inch (Dark Earth)

G&P PTS203 16inch (Dark Earth)

G&P PTS203 16inch (Dark Earth)
-- Magpul Type Metal Body, Rifle-Length Handguard, PTS MBUS Rear Sight, PTS MOE Grip, PTS CTR Battery Stock
-- 130 rounds Magazine
-- Come With G&P Military Type M203 Grenade Launcher (Long)
-- 8mm Bearing Gearbox
-- Dark Earth Color


eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special Price

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special...

1.ARMY AUG Keymod Tactical AEG

2.Armorer Works M1911 GBB

3.A.P.S. Black Hornet GBB

4.Tanaka Works .380 Auto GB...

Electric G&G CM16 Wild Hog 9"
375 GPB

Electric G&G CM16 Wild Hog 9"

Hi all!

Looking to sell my Electric G&G CM16 9" Barrel.

Price is £375 ono.

Details as follows:

This RIF is in excellent condition as when its not being used its kept in a hard protective case Attachments include...

A Holographic sight with Red/Green Sights for Day/Night Usage with various opticals.
A vertical foregrip,
A Laser/Torch with pressure trigger on the foregrip.

G&G CM16 Raider (new)
190 USD

G&G CM16 Raider (new)

Brand new CM16 Raider, I got it as a birthday present for my younger brother but he didn't like the style of the AEG. It comes with all its original components which it comes stock with which is the battery, battery charger, 450 round high cap magazine, and un-jamming rod and even comes with it's original box. I also added a Lancer Tactical red/green dot sight, Condor single point sling, a foregri...

A&K M16A3 + Dytac M4A1 + 2x J.G. Works Bar 10 $400.00
400 USD

A&K M16A3 + Dytac M4A1 + 2x J.G. Work...

Hey Guys. I'm selling some old Airsoft gear before I go off to college. I have a really good deal and if you know someone who is interested, share this with them.

**$400.00 bundle**
The entire list would even out to $644.00 but I am selling the entire pack for $100.00 a gun, being an even $400.00 for the entire list.

Here is what I am selling:

(Owned for 1 Year)
1x A&K M16A3 (Bl...

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special Sale

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special...

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special Sale

1.Cybergun COLT M4 AEG

2.Tanaka SAA Revolver

3.ASG Dan Wesson 715 Revolver

Selling a H&K G36C
135 USD

Selling a H&K G36C

This G36C is minimal wear and hasn't been used a whole lot. Comes with the gun, mag, battery, charger, box and the papers that come with it. this is a good entry level gun.

G&G AK47/Valken MOD-L/Elite Force 1911 Tac bundle
280 USD

G&G AK47/Valken MOD-L/Elite Force 191...

so i traded away my KWA MP7, got a TM VSR-10 on its way, BUT that does no good if i cant fund my season, so lets get right into it.

This bundle will Include: X1 G&G RK47 in Black with 4 magazines, Battery and a connector to rewire the gun to mini tamiya. X1 Valken MOD-L M4 with 2 Midcaps, can throw in a vertical grip if your serious in the bundle. X1 Elite Force M1911 Tac painted black with...

eHobbyAsia.com Special Sales & Discount !

eHobbyAsia.com Special Sales & Discou...

eHobbyAsia.com Special Sales & Discount !

1.Kokusai M36 2" Metal Model Gun


3.RWA Agency Arms Slide Set



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