A AEG is also called a Airsoft Electric Gun. A AEG is the most common guns in airsoft and there's a lot of brands that make them.Electric-powered airsoft guns typically use rechargeable battery an electric motor, which cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic, 3 round burst, and semi-automatic operation is possible which gives these guns the popular name "airsoft electric guns" or AEGs. These guns often attain muzzle velocities from 150 to 650 ft/s (46 to 200 m/s) and rates of fire of between 100 and 1500 rounds per minute. They are the most commonly used and widely available type of airsoft gun. A AEG is very powerful they can reach really far and can hit hard too, there's also blowbacks AEGs which kick like a realistic gun. The most common battery is an 8.4 V large battery (between 2200 and 5000 mAh.) Also available are "mini" and "stick" batteries, which generally have 900–1600 mAh capacities. Voltages for NiMH batteries range from 7.2 V, all the way up to 12 V. The rule of thumb usually is the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts while the higher voltage, the higher Rate of Fire (RoF). Recently, however, Lithium-Polymer, or Li-po, batteries are becoming more popular in the airsoft world. These batteries can last longer and have higher mAh and Volts while at the same time, being small and light. Li-po batteries are usually at 11.1 V or 7.4 V varying in mAh from 500 mAh to 6500 mAh.
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DPMS Airsoft M4, AEG, Metal Gearbox
115 USD

DPMS Airsoft M4, AEG, Metal Gearbox

DPMS Panther Arms airsoft M4 Carbine. Comes in box with two mags, two batteries, a red dot sight, and iron sights. Also includes a smart charger for faster battery charging (works with multiple battery types too).

Firesupport ICS Latest AEGS

Firesupport ICS Latest AEGS

Firesupport stocking the latest range of must have ICS guns
The latest ICS range of AEGs available from www.fire-support.co.uk or your local shop if they are an ICS dealer. Models ICS-267,ICS-268,ICS-274,ICS-275,ICS-380,ICS-381,ICS-382,ICS-383.

If not available locally ask your shop to buy them in.
or buy direct from Firesupport

Classic Army LWRC M6A2 AEG Full Metal
400 USD

Classic Army LWRC M6A2 AEG Full Metal

I am selling my Classic Army Full Metal LWRC M6A2, it has seen it’s fair share of games and has always served me well. It is best fitted toured CQB (close quarters), due to it’s high rate of fire, though if you use a 7.4 LiPo and changed the spring it could be made to work for larger environments (The 7.4 LiPo is my recommendation for a stronger spring). The internals are very high quality w...

Gun Sales too Europe

Gun Sales too Europe

Firesupport Sales to Europe Policy

To all out European Customers

Please note that we sell products all over the Europe and the World

If we send you a gun then it is sent in the original colour

The SPRAYING of Guns is ONLY a requirement for UK customers who are not members of a game site.

Shipping rates can be seen here


G & G War Machine w/ many internal and external upgrades.AEG
120 USD

G & G War Machine w/ many internal an...

M-4 w/ custom camp painted suppressor. PEG Box Foregrip. Adj stock. Flip up front and rear sights. Laser sight. Upgrades include inner barrel, gears, outter barrel, 10 Magill clips.

Matrix Full Metal MG42 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun
390.00 USD

Matrix Full Metal MG42 Airsoft AEG Machin...

Excellent price on this seldom used gun. Compare to a new one for $450 (on sale). The Matrix Full Metal MG42 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun is a true 1:1 AEG MG42 German machine gun replica.
• Stamped Steel Receiver
• Full Metal Barrel Assembly
• Real Wood Stock
• Full Metal Steel Bushing Gearbox
• Steel Folding Bipod
• Textured Imitation Wood Pistol Grip
• Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
• Ste...

H&K MP7A1, Dboys AK47, Glock
350 USD

H&K MP7A1, Dboys AK47, Glock

Selling my beautiful H&K MP7A1 because I would really just like to move onto an M4 type of AEG. It is brand new with custom bucking, main seal, valve, and inner barrel. This immaculate SMG comes with 2 clips and shoots around 380 fps ( had to tone it down for CQB use). I really love this gun but to be honest it just isnt my up of tea and I would love to get an M4, scar, or even a nice sniper r...

Matrix Aeg M4
250 USD

Matrix Aeg M4

Matrix M4 m200 full metal gear box and receiver and barrel, stock has a chip, Stock and guard rails plastic, handguns wobbles can be fixed.full metal carrying handle. Average fps 400 comes with 9.6v butterfly battery and smart charger.7 Full metal mags total 5 high cap 2 mid cap, I bought the M4 for 240$ I'm asking 250$ for everything will pay for shipping. Shoot me a text if interested I live is ...

200 GPB


This rifle is great if you want a British Military loadout. It shoots at around 290fps with 0.20g bbs which is good for cqb and medium engagements. With this purchase you will receive x2 450rd highcap magazines, Cleaning rod, Webtex SA80 Sling and x3 8.4v Mini with Large Tamiya batteries.

Ak47u AEG
70 GPB

Ak47u AEG

This is a very realistic replica of the "Classic Look" AK47 assault rifle, the world's most commonly used and
most "popular" (Most produced) assault rifle. Chambered in the very powerful 7.62 round the AK has masses
of power and compliments this with world renowned reliability. Capable of operating through harsh conditions
that other assault rifles simply cannot handle with ...


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