AK47: An airsoft AK47 is an airsoft version of the military assault rifle known as the AK47. It is made in many variants, but always involves an upper and lower receiver that is aesthetically similar to an AK47. Airsoft AK47s can be found in AEG, GBBR, Electro-pneumatic, or spring configurations. It is a common choice for players that want to simulate the load outs of many military, para military, and militia forces.
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CYMA Full Metal Contractor AK47 AEG
160 USD

CYMA Full Metal Contractor AK47 AEG

Shipping is on you
I'll close a package with the battery (lipo 7.4v 1000mHa) for a total of 200USD
I bought this AK with the intention of taking it back to Brazil, but after deeper researched I found out how burocratic and how long the process to get it in Brazil would be and decided its not worth it. Here are all the specs of the gun:

Heavy duty metal receiver and barrel assembly...

Firesupport MARUI AK47 recoil EBB AEG PRE ORDER SPECIAL £365

Firesupport MARUI AK47 recoil EBB AEG PRE...

Firesupport MARUI AK47 recoil EBB AEG PRE ORDER SPECIAL £365

will be arriving in 3 weeks
Special pre order price of £365, regular price will be £389
see https://www.fire-support.co.uk/category/-pre-order/

[ARES][MAG-024] VZ58 AEG Mid-Cap Magazine[Back in Stock]

[ARES][MAG-024] VZ58 AEG Mid-Cap Magazine...

**Above price are included worldwide Shipping Fee**
Brand New Item
It's for Airsoft Only.

[ARES][MAG-024] VZ58 AEG Mid-Cap Magazine[160rds]

Spare 160 Round metallic magazines made specifically for the ARES VZ58 AEG. Looks can be deceiving but they will not be able to fit AK magwells


Material: 352g
Colour: Black
Material: Metal

Full Gameplay of the AMS Gunbuilder AKs in Action!

Full Gameplay of the AMS Gunbuilder AKs i...

Curious as to how effective AMS's custom gunbuilder AKs are in a gameplay situation? We were too! So we invited none other than Airsoftology Jonathan to come by, build his own AK and then the three of us went down with rifles built for the way that we play. To our delight these guns were extremely competitive and we the three of us kicked butt all day! Need proof? Take a look for yourself at us ro...

Airsoft Megastore AK Gun Builder Update is Live!

Airsoft Megastore AK Gun Builder Update i...

It’s here! The Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder AK expansions is LIVE today! Take a closer look to see how you can build your own highly customized AK style AEG out of a mixture of barrel assemblies, dust covers, pistol grips, buttstocks, magazines, foregrips, optics and more through our intuitive and fun to use interface. Firing at field-legal velocities these guns are lightweight with high rates of...

AK-47 & M4
200 USD

AK-47 & M4

I have a nice AK-47 and an average M4. They both shoot approximately 400-450fps.
Come with charger, battery, BBs, and 2 masks. For further questions, inquiries, ir pictures just text 910.508.8722.

Free shipping for you
Thank you!

AK Custom Gun Builder Update Coming Soon!

AK Custom Gun Builder Update Coming Soon!

Airsoft Megastore is proud to announce that our next big update of our groundbreaking Custom Gun Builder is just around the corner this Tuesday, March 17th! As promised this release is going to be a whopper, adding a whole new platform in the form of AK-type AEGs. Through our easy to use interface you can customize your lower receiver, barrel assembly, buttstock, add on rails, foregrips optics and...

Ak at Greek Airsoft

Ak at Greek Airsoft

Go here for your AK:

- AK 47 : http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4415

- AK BETA: http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4765

- AK47 SVD DRAGUNOV :http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4409

- AK47 SVD DRAGUNOV WOOD: http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4410

- AK 47 BLACK: http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/prod...

PTS – US Palm AK Grip for AEG

PTS – US Palm AK Grip for AEG

The PTS – US PALM AK Grip (AEG) is a licensed airsoft replica, designed for training and simulation use only. US PALM is dedicated to developing and producing the world’s finest firearms enhancements and accessories. One of the things that make US PALM different is that they are constantly working to refine their product lines. While many of their designs are revolutionary, they believe in maintai...

Hristo.hr: Cyma AK-47 and G36C

Hristo.hr: Cyma AK-47 and G36C

Two Cyma AEG Replicas with affordable prices, and all necessary equipment! Battery? Included. Charger? Also! AK-47 (028) and G36C - different models, same price!

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/1322/cyma/cyma-ak-47-028-aeg-airsoft-puska

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/63/cyma/cyma-g36c-aeg-airsoft-puska


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